Rocker Scientific manufactures and distributes instruments in the fields of educational research, environmental protection, food and agriculture, microbiology, biotechnology, pharmacy and medical science, etc.

Rocker products video link:

1.    Lafil 400: 
2.    BioDolphin Suctionk kit:
3.    LF30:
4.    Lafil 100:


Rocker Lafil 400








The Rocker Family of products includes 4 segments:

  • Food Technology: Colony Counter, Lab Burner, Refractometer, Electric Sterilizer

  • Vacuum Technology: ROCKER Vacuum Pump, Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump, Biosuction, Vacuum Filtration

  • Heating Technology: COD Reactor, CWC 100, Dry Bath

  • Other Products: Ultrasonic Cleaner, Dry Cabinet, Water Testing

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